What newborns wear?

This is a super common question, and of course, why would you know what a newborn wears if you had never had a baby before?

Here there is a list of the basics that would get you through the first months of a newborn. 

  • Baby onesies kimono style. This is a must! When I had my first baby, I didn't know that newborns don't have head control; therefore, it is tough to put anything through their heads. So do your self a favor, and stock up on 7 - 10 kimono style baby onesies.

  • Get tinny little socks ( plenty because it's so easy to lose them).

  • Mittens to protect your baby from scratching her or himself. 

  • 5 pajamas, also kimono style. You can use the onesies as PJs and wrap them in a swaddle to sleep at night. 

And believe me or not, that's about it. In the first weeks, you will spend most of the time indoors, recovering from labor, and getting used to the new dynamics and flows in your daily life with a baby. Later you will add more pieces and play dolls with your baby. But for now, you don't have to worry about clothes. Just basics, and of course, before buying, check with your friends that have kids and see if they have hand me downs. If not, check eBay or prefer sustainable brands that don't harm the environment.

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